Troop History

Boy Scout Troop 20 is one of the oldest and best in the country.  It was established in Winnetka in 1927 and has been in continuous operation ever since.  Hundreds of boys have been scouting with us, including many men who still live in the Village.  Our Troop is sponsored by the Winnetka Congregational Church and chartered by the Boy Scouts of America, which in turn is chartered as a nonprofit organization by Congress.  Our Troop is nondenominational, and we are self-supporting.

Troop or patrol meetings are held once a week between September and May.  Over the years the Troop has consistently had outstanding boy and adult leadership.  Troop 20 is one of the most active Boy Scout Troops in the State of Illinois and has offered scouting experiences to over 2,000 boys since 1927.  Because of the Troop’s high level of training and participation, its scouts have become leaders in our community.  Nationally less than 2% of all Boy Scouts achieve Eagle rank, but for Troop 20’s almost 100 years of existence about 10% of its scouts have earned Eagle.

The Troop is blessed with significant adult participation.  Bob Vorwald was the Scoutmaster for about 5 years and in the fall of 2015 he turned over the reins to Nat Roberts whose career was in farming and land development before moving to Winnetka.  Nat, his wife, and three children live at 730 Walden Road in Winnetka.  While Nat did not grow up in Scouting, he grew up camping and in the outdoors.  Additionally, the Troop has an incredibly strong volunteer base of existing and past parents who believe in the values of Scouting and helping young boys grow into good men.  Among the many is Tom Fritts , our ScoutMaster Emeritus, who has been with the Troop since 1964 and still actively participates.