Troop 20 is an almost 90 year old Troop comprised of approximately 115 Scouts from Winnetka and the surrounding towns.  The Troop is blessed with an abundance of adult volunteers, equipment, and institutional memory that allow our Scouts to learn leadership skills, build character, and have a lot of fun while doing an enormous number of things in a given year.  We meet regularly, during the School year, girls on Monday nights, and boys on Tuesday nights, generally from 7:45 PM – 9:00 PM.  Working as single gendered Patrols, we normally train for and compete in the Kenilworth Skills Rally, the Klondike Derby, and the First Aid Rally.  Scouts can do Rank Advancement and Merit Badge work throughout the year in Troop and outside provided sessions (ex – The Eagle Required Merit Badges are mostly taught within the Troop whereas Harley Davidson does a pretty good Engineering Merit Badge Class).  

We normally camp once a month in a blend of repeated campouts (ex. Freeze Out and Devils Lake) and new ones (mountain biking, canoeing, caving, car racing, hiking, etc) in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan.  Campouts are normally single gendered except for the Freeze Out and Devils Lake campouts. During the Summers, we normally have 40+ Scouts across 2 weeks attend Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation (summer camp) in Pierson WI or Tesomas Scout Camp in Crystal Lake, WI, as well as sending 3+ High Adventure Trips out each year. High Adventure Trips have included Rafting the Deschutes River (OR), Backpacking in the Pioneer Mountains (ID), National Jamborees (WVA), Sailing in the Virgin Islands (USVI), Canoeing in the Boundary Waters (MN), and Backpacking in the Alps.

We have a Venture Crew as part of our organization and it provides additional opportunities for High School Scouts beyond regular Troop activities.

Committee Chair – Nick Vagra

Scoutmaster, Boys – Nat Roberts

Scoutmaster, Girls — Laura Zung

Scoutmaster Emeritus & Venture Advisor — Tom Fritts

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