Subsidy Policy

Troop 20 Subsidy Policy

For many years, the Troop has subsidized the cost of the uniformed Adult Leaders, Eagle and Life Scouts going on the high adventure trips, after the approval of the High Adventure Committee.

Who does the subsidy apply to?

  • Be an active, uniformed adult leaders (including scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster (ASM) and committee members) with Troop 20.
  • Be currently active in the troop in a substantial way.

What are the subsidy categories?

  • Trip leaders: 100% subsidy for the cost of the entire trip for the two trip leaders who organize and supervise the trip.
  • Uniformed Adult Leaders (including scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster (ASM), committee members) who want to go on the trip: $600 subsidy for currently active uniformed adult leader.
  • Eagle Scout: $600 subsidy per trip for those who are currently active.
  • Life Scout (by the time the trip starts): $300 subsidy per trip for those who are currently active.

Are their exceptions and what is the process?

  • When a trip requires more than two adult trip leaders to organize and lead the trip.
  • Specialized skill that another Troop leader has that is required.
  • This is handled as a case-by-case review by the High Adventure Chair. The High Adventure chair will assess and will discuss with the committee for a vote by the committee.
    • Committee is comprised of; Troop 20 Chair Person, Scout Master, Treasurer and appointed Troop 20 Senior Advisors
  • Trips with full-service guides/tours (ie. Grand Canyon, Deschutes River, BVI, BSA Programs etc.) will be limited to one Trip Leader subsidy.

What does “currently active” mean?

  • Scout weekly meetings, as noted per the troop calendar.
  • Attend Troop organized campouts.
  • Attend Troop activities (rallies, parades, ceremonies).
  • Work the Troop holiday tree lot shifts.

How do I apply for the subsidy?

  • Subsidy application must be filled out and submitted to the Scoutmaster for approval, then the application will be forwarded to the High Adventure Committee for review.
  • Trip leader(s) must pay the trip fee and when the High Adventure Committee approves the subsidy, the trip leader(s) will be reimbursed the trip fee.
  • Eagle and Life Scouts must pay the trip fee and when the High Adventure Committee approves the subsidy, the scout will be reimbursed the trip fee.
  • One subsidy per calendar year for Scouts and Trip Leader.

Updated October 2018

Application forms:

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