Merit Badge Counselors

The adult leadership of the Troop focuses a lot of energy to make sure that there are abundant opportunities for boys to earn both required and optional merit badges.

Troop 20 teaches most Eagle-required merit badges in a “class” format every year or every other year.  Scheduling “classes” makes the work easier for adult volunteers, and boys can help each other through coursework in a team environment.

Classes are announced in meetings and by e-mail.

Following is a list of Troop 20’s merit badge counselors.  The list below is updated and maintained by the Troop’s merit badge chair as time permits.  BSA’s Northeast Illinois Council maintains an up-to-date list of merit badge counselors council-wide.  (You may find Troop 20 personnel that are on one list but not another.  If there is a conflict, the council’s list should be considered definitive). This link contains NEIC’s information.

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