Resources for adult volunteers

Troop 20 has literally dozens of adult volunteers. Volunteers are usually active while their children are active in the Troop, although some continue to assist long after their children have finished the program. Their contributions are all important!

This page serves as a repository for Troop knowledge that can be posted once and then accessed again and again by future volunteers. (Note: most of these links lead to password protected pages.)


Merit Badge course documents – repository for presentations and paperwork related to merit badge courses

Website management documents – relating to the management of this website

Documents related to rank advancement – Scout through First Class.


Troop 20 Eagle Proposal Page 2020

Drug and Alcohol Program

Drug and Alcohol facts

Drug Prevention

Vaping Images

General Resources

Orienteering | Troop 20 NCSD Meeting Site Orienteering Course for 1st Class Navigation Requirement

Job Descriptions

Tax Exemption Letter


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