First Aid Rally Results 2020

Well done to all of the Troop 20 Scouts who competed today.  It was another good day for the Troop.  The Navy had about 30 Corpsmen available to help judge, teach, and interact with the Scouts and that was pretty cool.  Logistics were painful but it was a good day.
Some items that jumped out to me.  Drew Hanson, on 24 hours notice, made himself available to help the Fish Patrol compete when Shane got sick.  Our patrols were very well behaved, cleaned up after themselves and were up and going with very little adult prompting. Our Fearless Patrol of 6th graders, with David Rivera leading them, and the Turquoise Turtle Patrol, with Alessandra Griffin as Patrol Leader, each had their first First Aid Rally and both performed very well for the first time.  I should also note that all of the Patrols did very well on CPR with almost no missed points.  Most of the lower scores just looked like first-time nerves and needing one more year of experience.
Results from the 18 or so patrols that competed are not fully complete (available Thursday) but I have the top 6 places today.  A perfect score would have been 265.
Sixth Place was the Troop 20 – Turquoise Turtles with a score of 238.
Fifth Place was Troop 156 with 239 points.
Fourth Place was Troop 20 – Python with 241 points.
Third Place was Troop 28 with 242 points.
Second Place was Troop 916 with 243 points.
First Place was the Rocket Fish from Troop 20 – with 247 points.
Rocket Fish was Wells Roney, Henry Titterton, Zayn Ali, Griffin McDill, and Drew Hanson today and they deserve a hearty congratulation.
Another way to say it was three of our four patrols were within 9 points (3.6%) of first place and we took half of the top 6 places, which means that our lead First Aid Instructors, Garrett Ellensohn and Wyatt McAlexander, deserve a shout out.
Well done to everyone who attended and thank you to our victims, drivers, and judges.

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