Whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

From Saturday, July 12, 2008 to Sunday, July 20, 2008 we'll be doing a whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River in Grand canyon National Park, Arizona.  We'll be rafting all 280 miles of the river through the canyon, which is one of the most challenging stretches of runnable whitewater in the world, including 49 Class IV and V rapids.  Class V is the ultimate (Class VI is considered to be unnavigable), including Lava Falls at mile 179, which is considered to be the biggest whitewater in North America. We will be on what are known as J-boats, which are motorized pontoons. Each boat will carry 14 of us plus 2 professional crew, and we'll have 2 boats, so there are 28 openings.  The motor is a 30-hp outboard which is there for steering and getting through the calmer and slow moving stretches of the river. In addition to running the river, eating hearty meals, and camping on beaches, we'll be making stops along the way to explore caverns, archeological sites such as petroglyphs and Anasazi dwellings, and side canyons.  Some of these involve some rigorous hikes and nontechnical climbs. We'll see spectacular waterfalls, deep pools inviting a swim, green riverside oases, wildlife, towering cliff walls stretching to a mile overhead, and "temples" which rise from the surrounding canyons like church spires. 

Anyone who took the 2006 trip can tell this was a once in a lifetime and awesome experience (so "once in a lifetime" that I want to do it again, and share the experience with others in our troop). Those who did the trip in 2006 are welcome to sign up again.       


The trip cost is estimated to be $2700 - $2800, group size will be 28, and eligibility will be age 13 and Star rank.  Babcock scholarships will be available for Life and Eagle Scouts.  Our outfitter is Canyoneers, Inc. Trip dates are somewhat firm, pending permit availability from the National Park Service to Canyoneers, Inc, and trip costs are tentative pending outfitter fee, airfare, and bus reservations.         Early commitments are necessary because of the long reservation lead time, so contact me in person, by phone, or email as soon as possible. I'll be asking for deposits in Spring 2007, as soon as the outfitter sets their deposit requirement. When this notice was first posted in Fall 2006, the group size was 20, which filled quickly. The wait list expanded to 10 as of March 2007, but because of some fortuitous circumstances the overall group size increased, so as of April 2, 2007 there are only 2 on the wait list. If you haven't yet gotten your name on my list, please don't hesitate to do so, because there are often cancellations.  Once I request deposits, this will be the way you "put your money where your mouth is" to be officially included in the group. I'll also be preparing an email list including all those with an interest in the trip, so stay tuned for further updates.   John Maurus cell (847)668-8202 home (847)501-3060 email laurieis1@comcast.net