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Troop 20 Events & Troop News

Troop Schedule

Here’s the current schedule:

  • Bike Winnetka is Saturday, September 21. Sign up to help – it’s a few hours in uniform for a great community event. You get service hours and the chance to show our village another way the troop helps out. Contact Mary - mcherveny@winpark.org


  • Our first campout is September 13-14-15 at Michigan Dunes. Information is below and slips are due to Charley no later than September 10.

    Troop 20,

    Attached is the permission slip for the upcoming Warren Dunes Campout to be held on September 13 (Friday) to September 15 (Sunday). The permission slip needs to be sent via PDF to Charley Snell (camping chair) at charley@madedrinks.com OR collected at the September 10 Troop Meeting.

    A few reminders for incoming, young and old scouts:

    1) For your packing list, refer to your Boy Scout handbook.
    2) We will be at Lake Michigan. Bring your swim trunks.
    3) We will be hiking. Bring hiking gear (Camelback's, Nalgene, etc.).
    4) We will be car camping. Bring what you need, don't go minimal.
    5) Check the weather.
    6) The Troop Trailer will be available with all of its components.
    7) We will be PATROL cooking. What this means is that the Patrols have the responsibility for getting their own food. The troop provides the cooking equipment. This means that your $20 goes to your ASM. Senior Patrol Leaders assigned to Patrols will eat with their Patrols. Unassigned Seniors - we will figure it out ad-hoc as usual.
    8) We will need to buy wood when we get to Michigan. Feel free to use charcoal or gas for cooking.
    9) For the Turtle Patrol, we will figure out the Camping Plan during the troop meetings.

    This is a 2-night campout. Lately we have been doing 1 night campouts and the younger scouts have had trouble getting to the needed nights for advancement and MB's. If you are not able to do both nights, let me know your plans for logistics. Our capacity on this campout is limited by the State of Michigan, so we need to understand fully everyone's plans.

Permission Slip

*All scouts should be in uniform at every meeting. Got a question where those patches go? Go to this Web site http://www.bsauniforms.org/#/boy-scout/item-boyscout

Troop News

Don't forget to send your pictures of Troop Events and Campouts to John Dolan, dolanjohn13@gmail.com. John will post them on the Web site.

Click Here or click on the Scout Troop 20 logo on the Home Page to view the pictures.

Video Links:

Tubing Video Link

Ski Trip to Granite Peak Video Link

Kankakee River Canoe Trip Video Link

Surfing Campout Video Link


Troop 20 Merit Badge Book Library

Charles Turner is the new troop librarian and would like to tell you more about our merit badge library that is located at TL Fritts Sporting Goods. We have a collection of merit badge books which any scout in our troop can check out.  The requirements to check out a book are to put $5 in the jar and take out $4 when the book is returned.

If you have merit badge books that you have checked out from our library and are no longer using please return them.

If you have any questions about our library please contact Charles Turner

Troop 20 Merit Badge Book Inventory



Congratulations on the new Senior Leadership Assignments

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster – Peter Schuldt
Librarian – Charles Turner
Kenilworth Rally instructors – Connor McKey Jack Scullion Esteban Hernandez
First Aid instructors – Esteban Hernandez Connor McKey
Chaplain’s Aide – Richard Santi
Tree Lot Supervisor – Griffin Gardiner
Web – John Dolan Jeffrey Ingle Peter Schulz
Order of the Arrow – Makhoul Cassis
Advancement – Liam Erst
Quartermaster – Robert Petersen
Turtle Patrol – Willie Kinsella Michael Snell Noah Flanagan Will Kerwin
Bigfoot Patrol – Tim Mollman Bruce Johnson Daniel Grossman Andy Shade Jeffrey Bishop
Eagle Patrol – Sam Yavitt Henry Yavitt Colin Dwyer Mason McQuet

The Scout Uniform - Wear it Proudly

For the Court of Honor, Scouts are expected to be in a complete and neat uniform! The founder of the Boy Scouts, Lord Baden Powell said, "The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country." This is why we take the uniform seriously. The inside cover of the scout handbook has a guide of where to place the various insignia. Each scout should have the patch representing their current rank proudly displayed on their left pocket. There are special adhesive kits at the scout shop. In a pinch, a stapler works wonders too! The scout shop can help with patch placement as well. The scout shop is open on Saturday from 9am to 1pm and weekdays from 9am to 6pm. It is located at 2745 Skokie Valley Road in Highland Park.

Troop 20 recognizes the invaluable contribution our mothers make with our ”Mom’s ribbons” and ask our moms on hand to come to the stage with their son who is advancing in rank. Moms should place the pins representing your scout’s accomplishments on your ribbon. Please wear your ribbon proudly whether or not your son will be recognized for advancement. Obviously, we want Dad up there in the event Mom isn’t on hand.

Here is the proper way to display your scout sash:

Merit badges ONLY are worn on the FRONT of the sash. On the back of the sash, additional merit badges may be sewn as well as temporary insignia may be sewn. "Temporary insignia" is defined by the BSA as special insignia for participating in unit, District, Council or national events or programs. Previous rank, service stars and pins are NOT to be worn on the sash. The 50-Miler, large camp patches, Historic Trails Award, aquatic emblems (like Mile Swim or Boardsailing emblems) and other "equipment decoration insignia" do NOT go onto a merit badge sash -- there are separate places for those items.


Scout Uniform News

USED UNIFORMS Have you outgrown your scout uniform? Need a different size for the next Court of Honor and the Memorial Day  and Fourth of July Parade? Troop 20 has a limited supply of used uniforms available for free. Elise Ball is our uniform coordinator. You can email her with your size requirements at ballboyz3@comcast.net and she'll let you know what's available. Donations of used uniforms in good condition may be dropped off to their home at any time.

High Adventure Exchange Program

Elise Ball has agreed to extend the exchange program to include camping/high adventure items like rain gear, boots, zip-off pants, etc. So, as you are going through your gear for this summer's trips, please take any items in good condition, that you have outgrown, over to Elise so that we can build up an inventory.

Camping Input

The troop is always looking for ideas and for feedback on camping activities.

We are open to suggestions of new places to camp.  Please E-mail Mr. Huels at huels@att.net if you have any suggestions or comments on our past trips.

Doing a Good Turn...For America

Good Turn for America is a national call to service by the Boy Scouts of America to address the issues of hunger, homelessness, and poor health in our nation. In this effort, the Boy Scouts of America is partnering with some of the nation's most respected service organizations, including The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, America's Second Harvest, and the Department of Homeland Security. These organizations and thousands of others will work to provide opportunities for youth and volunteers to fight hunger and homelessness, and teach the habits of healthy living.

Youth and volunteers are looking for ways to serve their communities. At the same time, service organizations need dedicated volunteer help. By working together, we can improve our young people, our communities, and the nation.  From canned food drives to disaster clean-up the members of the Boy Scouts of America have recorded over four million hour of volunteer service to their communities over the past two years.  For more information on Good Turn for America and to see some heartwarming stories, visit www.goodturnforamerica.org

Pass it On

Do you know a boy, young man or young woman who would benefit from a Scouting program?  Maybe a relative, neighbor, or someone from church.  Why not let their family know what Scouting has meant to you and your family!  Scouting instills values that parents want for their children... Honesty, Integrity, Leadership and Accomplishment and it does it in a way that provides fun and adventure to the child. Remember your Scouting experience.  How you felt on your first camping trip, the way you stood proud when you earned your first badge, the sense of accomplishment when you did a good turn.  Today's young people can still feel that today.  Help them find a Scouting program near them by visiting these helpful websites.

Dress Code:

Troop 20 expects all scouts to wear the Troop 20 BSA uniform to all meetings at NSCD.  The uniform includes just 3 items:   1.  Scout shirt (tucked in) 2.  Scout pants or shorts (I see they have new ones that are a little more stylin) 3.  Scout belt (green web belt with scout buckle, or other approved scout belts like the Philmont belt). Scouts who do not wear the uniform will not be allowed into the meeting.