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Say It With Semaphores.
Before the development of telephones and two-way
radios, the semaphore code was used to communicate
over long distances. Learn more at:



Troop Uniforms




Troop 20


Merit Badge Counsler List


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Traffic reports

Travel directions

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Scout Tips Want to learn the skills that are used outdoors? Scouts know how to find their way with a map and compass, to stay warm and dry in stormy weather, and to give proper first aid. They observe wildlife up close and study nature all around them. There are plenty of important Scouting skills for you to master.

Northeast Illinois Council, Boy Scouts of America

BSA's premier high-adventure base

Official Museum of the Boy Scouts of America

Morse Code Translator  … .. …
Do you know who invented this code of dots and dashes in 1835?  Learn more and click here for a decoder.